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TVU Backpack Launch at WTHI-TV

Today we launched our new TVU Backpack at WTHI-TV. This little baby was not cheap, but it has, and will, revolutionize the way we do things at WTHI-TV. We have been limited by terrain, landmarks, and distance for conventional live shots since we started doing them many decades ago and long before my time. We are too small of a market to have our own satellite uplink truck. You could easily dump 250-500K into a sat truck then you have to pay for the satellite time and a skilled operator. Not in the cards for us unfortunately. The backpack uses the internet and up to (15) 4G cell cards to deliver crisp HD video and audio back to the station with the push of one button. If you can operate the cameras and mics that we currently have, you can go live from anywhere in the country as long as there is cell service.

We have used Skype and other internet delivery for years with moderate success, but what a pain that is and it is very unreliable. Things got considerably better with the debut of 4G, but still unreliable. We still have two fully functional live trucks, but they take time to setup and tune in. When breaking news happens, we can deploy the backpack immediately, then dispatch the live trucks at our leisure. A wise man once told me, “the TV station with the biggest data center wins.” I have never looked back. I am proud to be able to continually keep WTHI-TV #1 every hour, of every day with technology that is “Leading The Way.”

Stay tuned Wabash Valley, we’ve got you covered.




New blog

Hi all-

I decided to start this blog to cover a little bit of everything in the technology world of Terre Haute, IN. Sometimes I have ideas that aren’t really Facebook post worthy, I thought this might be a better spot so that people don’t hide me in their news feeds.

Remember it’s a wild web out there. Backup early and often. More to come.